In this moment, when the biotechnologies are not so expanded in our country and Romania is an importer of the most basic goods, only some laboratories try to depass this critical moment and to obtain biotechnological products. The National Research Program focus on developement of biotech and other modern knowledge based production , according to the requirements of E.U. which allow huge programs of biocombustible, biodegradable products and biotechnology development. Due to this facts and understanding that are not so many legislative issues in this field of activity, and the necessity to implement the international standards in Romania  we have the following purposes:

Purposes of the association

  • Sustaining the Romanian research in life sciences and interdisciplinary research, fundamental and applicative on national and international level
  • Contribution to the development of the biotechnology medicine and agriculture and environment quality by specific activities of isolation, deposit, keeping and purchasing biological resources material at international standard quality level according to the international intelectual property laws and conforming to the definition of bioresource centers adopted to Tokio meeting from (Workshop Conference on Biological Resource Centers);
  • Contribution to the improvement of quality of life of the environment and to the conservation of the biodiversity on national and international level.


  • Affiliation to the World Federation of Culture Collection) and to The World Data Center for Micro-organisms and to The European Culture Collections Organisation –ECCO, to other European and international organizations and obtaining of international patented deposit right;
  • the establishment, maintaining and development of the bioresource centre according to the international quality standards as other similar centers from other countries respecting the national and international laws, and  being a strategic resource in the green revolution from our country by providing the biological necessary materials;
  • the coordination of the deposit and patented deposit activity of the biological materials for the development of the research, medicine, agriculture and bioindustries and  becoming a non-governmental association of public interest, establishing a collection network wit the other members and partners in the country ;
  • promotion and sustention of our members interests;
  • dissemination of the information of the research results and to support the development of biotechnologies in our country ;
  • obtention of good professional skills of research and teaching personnel from different institutions in our field of activity;
  • achievement of cooperation between fundamental and applied science, technology and industry;
  • conservation of bioresources for our country and global diversity;
  • establishing of a quality management of research and bioresource maintenance;
  • establishing a good environment for ideas exchage and brain storming for finding new solutions for development of bioindustries and applications in different fields of activity and advanced research;


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