We are constantly searching different categories of specialists for cooperation in order to improve our services and our activity: -senior researchers, PhDs, as reviewer of our manuscipts and advisors with activity in microbiology- bacteria archaea, algae, yeasts, human stem cells, animal and plant cells and tissues, cells cultures, cord blood cells, other biological material preservation with experience in culture collections to help developing our activity and to be part of the conferences organizing board, from Romania and abroad; -young researchers from Romania to be included in our team; -specialists in management, quality control and standards implementation; -specialists in media and PR communication and ONG fundraising and projects.

The Romanian Bioresource Centre and Advanced Research Association is a non-governmental organization founded in July 2008 under nr. 67/2008 in the National Register of NGO from Romania, Member of WFCC and WDCM from 2008, accredited to permanent commissions of Romanian Parliament.

Bank accounts open to Transilvania Bank SA, Centrul Civic Bucharest,
account LEI RO71 BTRL 0410 1205 M037 56XX
account EURO  RO46 BTRL 0410 4205 M037 56XX
account USD    R095  BTRL 0410 2205 M037 56XX

Address: Sector 6, Bucharest Romania

e-mail : office @ rbcar.ro

Laboratory and office Splaiul Independentei nr.296 National Research Development Institute of Biological Sciences ITA Bucharest.


Coordonator informatii: Sergiu Fendrihan

Programator/Web editor: Adrian Parvu

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